What is: Category?

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What is: Category?

What is: Category?

Category: In e­commerce, products are often grouped into a hierarchy of categories and subcategories.

E.g. “Our bespoke furniture e­commerce store is organized using categories like bedroom, living room, and home office. Subcategories include the type of wood finish.”

The category hierarchy is a way to organize products on an e-commerce website logically and intuitively for the customer. 

Categories and subcategories can be based on product type, function, style, material, or other relevant attributes.

By grouping similar products, customers can easily navigate the site and find what they want.

This improves the customer experience and makes it easier for merchants to manage their product catalogs. 

In the example given, the main categories are bedroom, living room, and home office. At the same time, the subcategories are based on the type of wood finish used in the furniture.

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